Tri-Cities Senior Portrait Photographer | Abby

Tri-Cities Senior Portrait Photographer | Abby

Abby graces the blog with sweetness, beauty and confidence.

Abby showed up to our shoot with a piece of paper. Her friend had written specific instructions for her wardrobe:

white tank top > blue pants > sandals > pearl necklace

The entire sheet was like this, covering each piece of clothing and accessory Abby had with her. It was awesome. Abby readily admitted that she hates shopping and she wasn’t sure what to wear, so her friend helped her out.

As Kalee (assistant/friend) and I looked at the sea of clothes and then the old clothes line at our shoot site…we had a (we think) brilliant idea (see below).

The overcast day was perfect for the first part of our shoot, and then we were blessed with beautiful light at the nearby sand dunes.

Enjoy this not-so-little post about the beautiful Abby.

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