Tri-Cities Portrait Photographer | Jess

This is Jess.

I met Jess a couple of years ago (hard to believe!) when I shot her senior pictures.

Since then, she’s become a friend, kid-sitter, house-sitter, dog/cat-sitter, furniture assembler, and shoot assistant. I said something (for the millionth time) about her beautiful blue eyes…she thanked me and flashed a giant wad of blue gum.

I said, “Are you chewing gum at my shoot? At least it matches your eyes.” She started laughing (see image below) and spit it out in true Pretty-Woman-fashion.

She’s this confident, free-spirited gal who’s trying to figure out what she wants to do in life. New York is a possibility; she loves NYC. Whatever she does, though, she’ll be great at it. I’m sure of it.

Tri-Cities Portrait Photographer | Jess Tri-Cities Portrait Photographer | Jess