Tri-Cities Lifestyle Family Photographer | Five Johnsens + Two dogs

An hour in the life of the Johnsens.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph the Johnsens. I did their first lifestyle session about nine months ago when the twins were born. It was a busy, sleep-deprived time for them. Kylie sent me a sweet text recently about how much she enjoys those moments we captured — “those moments I didn’t even know I’d want captured.”

Their household is still as busy and loving today as it was then.

Enjoy a peek at a day in the life of the Johnsens.

Johnsen_Fam_2013_006web Johnsen_Fam_2013_011web Johnsen_Fam_2013_017web Johnsen_Fam_2013_024web Johnsen_Fam_2013_026-2 Johnsen_Fam_2013_032web Johnsen_Fam_2013_035web Johnsen_Fam_2013_040web Johnsen_Fam_2013_047web Johnsen_Fam_2013_050web Johnsen_Fam_2013_055web Johnsen_Fam_2013_057web Johnsen_Fam_2013_069web Johnsen_Fam_2013_082web Johnsen_Fam_2013_092web Johnsen_Fam_2013_101web Johnsen_Fam_2013_103web Johnsen_Fam_2013_111web Johnsen_Fam_2013_112web Johnsen_Fam_2013_125web