Tri-Cities Family Photographer | Teagan, Tinkerbell and Make-A-Wish

The day she was born, Teagan’s parents learned that one half of her heart – the most “important” half – did not work.

Three open heart surgeries (and numerous other procedures later), Teagan made a wish before undergoing another surgery next summer: she wanted to fly with Tinkerbell.

So on a beautiful, perfect day in September, Teagan awoke to find a Peter Pan costume in her room, along with a clue for her treasure hunt.

“Tink,” as Teagan calls her, arrived sitting on the back of a limousine. Teagan’s face conveys the awesomeness of the day; it was one filled with more clues, magic fairy dust, a helicopter ride, pizza, games, cake and, lastly, jumping their brains out at Get Air.

It was a wish come true.


Teagan_Wish0004webThe sword her dad made for her.

Teagan_Wish0013webSeeing Tinkerbell for the first time.

Teagan_Wish0028webA clue.


A gift.

Teagan_Wish0052web Teagan_Wish0068web

An interview.


A phone call to her driver.



Her big brother explaining the magic fairy dust.


Little brother hearing about the magic dust.


Figuring out the clue.


A gift from Tink.

Teagan_Wish0125web Teagan_Wish0132web Teagan_Wish0136web

To the helicopter.

Teagan_Wish0160web Teagan_Wish0165web Teagan_Wish0187web

Another clue.


Reaction to figuring out the clue 🙂

Teagan_Wish0189web Teagan_Wish0218web

Games with Tink at Chuck E Cheese.


Her very own treasure chest.

Teagan_Wish0211web Teagan_Wish0232webHappy Teagan.