Tri-Cities Lifestyle Family Photographer

Tri-Cities Family Lifestyle Photographer | The Langhans

Smiles, laughter, tears, and a sucker-punch to Dad’s rear. It’s all here, with the Langhans.

When I saw the Langhans before their shoot, I was struck by how friendly their boys were. The youngest one, with his big blue eyes, kept showing me where he thought piles of poop were in the lawn. I instantly fell in love with him. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate someone who watches out for doggy landmines?

As we settled into our shoot location, I knew we’d have a good time. The family was content to sit on a blanket and talk with each other. Or crawl all over each other. Either way, it made for fun, real images.

I hope you enjoy the Langhans’ images as much as I enjoyed creating them.