Tri-Cities Documentary Wedding Photographer | Paige + Aaron = Married

Paige & Aaron are married!

Paige, Aaron and I met for the first time on the day of their wedding portraits. They are so likable that it instantly felt easy to be around them.

Their wedding would be two days later, but since they were marrying in the temple in the middle of the day, we decided to do portraits early. I’m so glad we did.

When I blogged about the portrait session, I mentioned how attentive Aaron was/is to Paige. It actually made me teary. I hadn’t seen that kind of sincere attention in quite some time. The chemistry between these two is almost palpable.

Their wedding day was beautiful and ended with a thunder and lightning show that didn’t slow them or the guests down one bit. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into their day as much as I enjoyed being part of it.


Bride’s hair – Heather Cooks @ Hot Spot, Pasco

Bride’s makeup – Yvette Berrones @ Hot Spot, Pasco

Flowers: Kayley

Tents: Red Door Party Rentals

DJ: Javier Ruiz

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