Family Lifestyle Photographer | My Audrey turns 8

Audrey arrived on the scene five weeks before she was due. I was smitten and terrified and my emotions vacillated from comatose to raging lunatic. Ah, parenthood.

Eight years later, she’s walking the fine line of little kid and little tween. Everyone says it goes by fast. Birth does seem like it was eons ago, particularly when you recall that drive home from the hospital and thinking, “WTF? Seriously? They’re going to let me just walk out of here with her? I can’t even keep a flower alive.” On the other hand, where we are today seems “right.” I’ve continued to grow with Audrey, just as my mom said I would.

Me: Mom, I don’t know if I can have a kid. I mean, I really don’t even like sitting next to teenagers at a movie theater.

Mom: (stifling a laugh) Andrea, you grow¬†with them. You’ll be ready for that stage when it comes.

While I can’t say I’m ready for Audrey to be a teenager, I am ready and excited to see what she does in this next year of her life. But I know that these things are certain:

-she’ll continue to pray for all of us. Especially Nina;

-she and I will continue to butt heads because we’re so much alike;

-she will still have to be reminded to sit down at dinner, rather than dance next to the table; and

-all of us in this household will be lucky to live with her every day.

Happy Birthday, Audrey Laine. You. Are. So loved.